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Our life is full of unique stories. Everyone has a story to tell. Stories are a great source of inspiration, which may lead to paradigm change and turn the next page of life into an entirely different world.

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The story contents must comply with terms and conditions on our website, including story, must not be fictitious and must be based on real-life events, experiences, or learnings. If you are sharing a story, then it must be meaningful. It must not narrate negativism, embarrassment, discriminations, hatred, racism or nudity, instead emphasizing love, passions, compassion, humility, hopefulness, and positivism. The story should be in the written text, preferably in English, and must not include images, photos, pictures, cartoons, paintings, symbols, or any similar. You can share stories heard from others as well. It should contain 200-1500 words approximately. The story content is subject to our internal review before publishing on our website, and if it does not meet criteria, then you acknowledge our right to reject from publishing.


We are non-commercial and do not sell or rent stories on behalf of customers as the stories published will be entirely free of charge.  You have the right to choose to display or hide Author name. DO NOT MISS the Gift of the month; You will receive the compliment email from us if your story is selected to publish on our website. You may be entitled to receiving a gift if your work is chosen as a story of the month.

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