Quotes on Maasum.com Who are We Meaning to Life Nothing is Without purpose Inspire in a good way Free Will of our own world Every moment of our life is precious and enjoy the life with zeal without underestimating the blessings we have. Discover Science within Us & around Us Blessings ©Maasum.com There has been an entire history filled with a struggle of humankind on pursuing the aim in search of innovations and the primary role, is to make the life more pleasant and enjoyable by creating ideas, facilities and employment through scientific discoveries. Having a free will, makes Human the creating being... Either we inspire people or we get inspired through people. Good things inspire people to do good and bad things inspire people to do bad. Everyone of us find meaning in something which makes our life interesting, However, few may succeed in finding the true meaning of life Everything in the world has existed for a distinct purpose. The aimless life may lead the way without meaning. We define everything around us except self. Materialism has overpowered us so deep that we turn into blind when it comes to purpose of life. Since science is bound to time, observation and scientists thinking, it is not possible to derive the final equation of life through science. We are all equal, irrespective of origin, society, culture, appearance, strengths, status... ...and have the same origins & the same return Humanity Everyone strives to play a role in Humanity, The secret is, you do not need not to be wealthy for showing humanity.
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