Why should you do Charity

Updated: Jul 10, 2018

Doing charity is one of the way to serve community who has been blessed with adequate wealth.

Why should you do Charity?

Charity is not about quantity but the quality which comes from the heart. A wealthier person donating 5% of income may be as equal as a person doing charity of 5 cents of $1 salary. If everyone including more prosperous and poor thinks in such way in offering something then technically, no one will be poor in this world.


Materialistically, making charity, in other words, is taking the tax back and utilize in the smart, efficient way. Big earners have to pay big amount tax every year which goes unutilized if you do not make charitable donations. Making charity does also, mean savings on your inheritance or estate taxes for your inheritors. Utilize your personal or business income taxes towards charity and still get refund and many more opportunities when it comes to tax savings through charity.


Whether you are deprived or wealthy, everyone needs hands in the lifetime at many levels beginning with our birth. We depend on our parents, relatives, friends, financial institutions for learning, getting educations or may be growing business. Many people do not have a job application form fees or traveling cost for an interview, but in reality, that job is just waiting for them to appear for an interview. A jobless person need help in getting a job while businessman needs help in becoming a giant entrepreneur and so on.

Tax impact


Charity is the most easiest for wealthier person and you may not realize how big difference make in someone's life. For helping your family, kins, relatives, community at large and others, in other words serving a portion of purpose of life on this world. Doing Charity is one of the best way showing kindness, humbleness, and softness of heart. Everyone knows charity is undoubtedly a good thing and many do make a difference in a life of disparate, needy, sick, orphans and poor people. Still, we have the growing poverty challenges due to somewhere room to improve. We have many our community members lives without basic needs such as clean water, food and shelter. Many of them do not have their guardians to look after their childhood, medical and educations. So if we may think, we could be able to make difference.


Many have born and passed away, but only thing remains on the earth is how did you make difference in someone's life. Many of us, have a goals to gain better educations, having better jobs, reasonable home and so on. However, we also, know that many of us do have goals of pleasing someones for penny to make the food of day or two.

So let us make difference....

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