​This is where I am from and my journey back to

Updated: Jul 10, 2018

My birth place, culture, traditions and more

I am from water, and sand, and air that blends together as one.

I am from the land of Asian civilization.

I am from a grand location of the birth of many tastes and spices.

I am from India’s westernmost state.

I am from a place where justice was put into motion late.

I am from where the drivers maintain a high pace,

as to how horns and traffic erupt into the quietest places.

I am from the place where coconuts loosely hang on the trees as they start a race,

and drop down hitting the sand beneath as this is what it use to be.

I am from a place where people learn to ace the subjects mathematics and sciences.

I am from a place where education is very most valued in the form of a degree.

I am from a family of three.

I am from a place where there is the amazing Taj Mahal.

I am one of them who have certain goals.

I am from the patrollers who enroll themselves to their Lord.

I am from the ones who start off fresh and make the attempt to dust off their board.

I am from the students who write their verses with ink,

and paper that consistently adjusts to rethink the plot.

I am from rich and poor.

I am from the door that opens out into the world.

I am from the ones who go out there and earn tokens.

I am from the ones who have spoken their slogan.

I am from the ones who have visited the woven carded misty mountains which are guarded with the world’s tourists.

I have traveled the ocean to reach this golden exhibited area known as Fort McMurray.

I have walked over the graveled ground to reach this olden pitch black area.

I have succeeded on my scrutiny as to what our destination is no matter how many possessions we have missed.

I am from the brisk sand, and water, and air, and one day I will be dissolved into this dwelling known as the ground I use to walk on.

I am from the dirt beneath me as I will unite with this material once again.

… and this is where I am from and my journey back to it.

By Alisha Rajpura

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