Succession Acts & Laws

Updated: Jul 10, 2018

Customized guide for Canada, USA, UK, Australia, India & China

Succession Acts & Laws

The Basic idea remains the same in country to country or province to province except few changes. In this section, the information that is not common and require attention for US resident will be covered. Also, there are important references will be given end of the topic so that you can review if required.

Canada Last Will Succession Acts References

The inheritance law in Canada is legislated by individual provinces or territories and each one has their successions interpretation is slight different.

 Alberta -Wills & Succession Act  -I-   Alberta -Public Trustee Act​    -I-   Alberta -Parentelic distribution

USA Last Will Succession Acts References

The inheritance law in USA is state matter and each state has their successions laws written differently. All 50 states have diverse history of inheritance law and they have adopted English law of inheritance after the Colonial relied to common systems.

Navigate to website page Creating Will under Family Legal issues under USA.GOV   -I-  American Bar Association guidelines for Wills 

UK Last Will Succession Acts References

The United Kingdom (UK) consists of four countries; England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Island. In the context of making Wills, there is a difference in the requirement of making Wills in different countries of UK. However, basic requirements remain the same in four countries.

WWW.GOV.UK   -I-   Making a Will Guide   -I-   Wills Probate & Inheritance Guide  -I-  Inheritance Tax Guide  -I-  Claim or refer unclaimed estate Guide   -I-  Valuing the Estate of someone who is died   -I-   Tax on Property, Money or Share you inherits  -I-   Pay your inheritance Tax bill   -I-  Guardian’s Allowances    -I-   Make a Statutory Will on behalf of someone else  -I-  Intestacy Law in England and Wales chart  -I-  Widowed Parent’s allowance Guide.

Australian Last Will Succession Acts References

Australian inheritance law varies in each of states or territories. As of September 2011, there is successive efforts have been made to unify the law across country in order to make the inheritance law as consistent as possible.

Public Trustee & Guardian ref…Making a Will Factsheet  -I-  Duties of Executor   -I-  Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Person’s Will  -I-  Family Provision Act 1969Wills & Power of Attorney under family & community on AUSTRALIA.GOV.AU  -I-  

Indian Last Will Succession Acts References

When it appears that the concept of Will becomes important in Indian history, Indian Wills & Testament Law which is governed under ‘Section: 5’ of “The Indian Succession Act, 1925” came into existence. As a part of Indian succession law, there are numbers of sections shall not apply if the deceased was a Hindu, Muslim, Buddhist, Sikh or Jaina as mentioned in the Act. So, it is recommended for every Indian resident, citizen or NRI to review this act to get more insight into it. There is another Succession law called “Hindu Succession Act 1956” specifically made for Hindu community. On the other side, the Christian Law of Succession is governed by the provisions in the “The Indian Succession Act, 1925“.

    -I-  Hindu Succession Act, 1956.   -I-   Hindu Succession Act, 1956 -Amended in 2005.Indian Succession Act, 1925

Chinese Last Will Succession Acts References

The inheritance law of China republic was promulgated on October 1, 1985 and has its bases in China's Civil code where the right to inherit property is recognized.

 -I- The Dark Side Of Trust  Challenges to Chinese Inheritance Law   -I-  International Estate Planning Guide.Inheritance Law Of Peoples Of China

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