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Updated: Jul 16, 2018

One place for all your financial and estate planning needs. Discover 40+ mortgage, tax and estate planning tools as well as 6+ types of last wills creation tools. All is for free.

Financial and estate planning tools


Budget planning

Creating a source of income is one thing, and sustainment is another thing. There is a secret lie in budget planning, monitoring, and improving which depends on your personal choices. That's why wealthy people cannot upload the richness all time.

Before Debt Decision Making Tools

One critical decision on your debt planning can be rewarding or frustrating based on the outcome you receive. We have highly customized tools that will help you make informative decisions before even going into a pavement of debt.

Mortgage Management Tools

Many times, it is not about knowing everything, although waiting to put a small effort into action. We have created tools for one step understanding on mortgages. Every minuscule attempt may turn into thousands of reward.

Credit Management Tools

The world has been becoming so much sophisticated, and we are very much relying on credits management whether it comes to expenses, medicals, travels or shopping. We have credit management tools for satisfying your needs.

Auto & Furniture Loan Tools

Ease of availability for loans through quick approval in a matter of moments has changed the way people used to make decisions on purchasing in the past. Auto and furniture are one of the many daily needs, and our tools are designed to help your debt fasters.

Tax Management Tools

There are not too many options available when it comes to paying income taxes. However, this is not entirely true if thought in different ways for the available options. We can save massive tax if we plan our investment and donation contributing strategies properly. We have customized tools for Canada, USA, UK, Australia, India, and China.

Estate Planning Tools

We put our entire life efforts begin with school, college, university, getting a job, buying properties, raising fund through investments and so on. When it comes to managing estate, most of the people lacks planning. Few people know what will happen to property after death. Small written text can speak on behalf of you, called as your Last Wills and other estate planning you may have put an efforts to secure it. We have customized tools for Canada, USA, UK, Australia, India and China.


Our tools are created objectivity in mind i.e. meeting the end goal whether it may be managing mortgages or estate planning needs. There are many tools available in the market, one thing you can make a note that somewhat they are similar, however, our tools have been customized based on the long term objective in mind and meeting compatibility of a present technological environment.


Last Wills Features Demo: Discover 6+ types of last wills features by clicking HERE

Wealth management tools features Demo: Discover 40+ mortgage, tax and estate planning tools features by clicking HERE


Select based on family type and size

  1. Family Wills for Husband and Wife.

  2. Last Will for survival Husband with Child.

  3. Last Will for survival Wife with Child.

  4. Last Wills for survival Husband.

  5. Last Wills for survival Wife.

  6. Last Wills for Bachelor.

Select based on your estates locations 

  1. Countrywide Will

  2. International Will

  3. Multi-Jurisdictional Will


Click here to sign up free and get the access to 40+ Financial tools and create 6+ types of your last will and more.

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