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We strive to see problems, issues, hardships as an opportunity to achieve tranquility whether it may be through sharing knowledge and contribution in areas such as economics, social, spirituality, and science. Create works that help sustain and improve communities. Due to growing challenges in the community, we are getting away from principle moral conduct that is the minimum required for building a better community. The aim is to foster an optimistic and the right thinking through practicing excellence.

Brief History

2016 - present

about us

My inspiration has motivated me to serve humanity as one of the greatest virtues to add meaning to life. Throughout my journey, I am very much thankful to have continuous support from my family members, relatives, friends, colleagues, and the community at large. 


Since assisting the community in any way is my vision, all resources available are free or at a nominal cost. The only contribution we are willing to receive from the wider community is by providing feedback on improvement and enhancement in our visionary work. If you like our resources and prefer to publish your testimonials on our website, please contact us.


I am a Canadian, immigrated from India in 2005 and permanently settled in the province of Alberta. I have the background as a professional engineer and have worked in industries over the years in engineering, design, and management. However, over the time my varied interest has endured me to research on many diverse aspects such as moral, virtues, spirituality, the science of mind, body, and heart, psychology, philosophy, Sufism, minimalism, positivism, optimism and exploring opportunities that can enrich our wellbeings and make our life meaningful.

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